Kazak ,Antique Wool Carepet

Kazak ,Antique Wool Carepet

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This unique collection of handmade rugs presents the artist's vision in a rich variety of texture and theme. Known for his skill in integrating diverse elements of design, Kathwari's rugs define his fine sense of color and style. Kathwari's design and quality are so extraordinary, his pieces have been featured in museums and shows around the world. Kathwari has a design and style for any home decor. These rugs range from large and small traditional florals to intricate geometric, tribal, and vintage designs. Rugs range in sizes from 3x5 to 10x14 ft.

Shipping: This product is dispatched in 1-3 business days.

Care: Dry clean only

Materials: Cotton, Wool

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You can return this product, undamaged, before 10 days from delivery for a full money-back guarantee.