KGA Coral Geometric Chainstitich Cushion Cover

KGA Coral Geometric Chainstitich Cushion Cover

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Product Info

These museum quality, designed cushions and tapestries will bring warmth, color, and uniqueness to any home. Kathwari has a style to compliment any home decor. Choose from various designs of geometric shapes, florals, and tribal accents. Tapestry sizes range from 5x3 ft to 6x4 feet. Cushions come in 18x18 inches or we have a larger floor cushion that is 2x2 feet.

This Geometric Pillow Cover is inspired by the collection from Kelly Gale Amen. This is a 24in x 24in hand-embroidered silk cushion cover is made by artisans of Kashmir.

This cushion cover has a cotton backing.

Shipping: This product is dispatched in 1-3 business days.

Care: Dry clean only

Materials: Cotton, Wool

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You can return this product, undamaged, before 10 days from delivery for a full money-back guarantee.